Monday, August 26, 2019

Biryani Meat Rice

4 cans (liquid milk cans) Basmathi rice
4 cans of water
5 drops of liquid milk
5 cloves of onions - grated
5 cloves of garlic - grind
1 stalk of onion, celery leaves, and mint leaves
a little bit of garlic soaked in rose water and a yellow dye
Nutmeg - like fruit, peel dry skin, take it.
Oil from biryani sauce

• Sauté the fried onions Add water, milk, spring onions, celery, and mint leaves and salt to boil.
• Add in the rice that has been slightly dried, add the all-seasoned potatoes as well as the oil from the berry sauce. close it and let it cool down

Ingredients for Meat
2 pounds Cow/goat (fresh)
4 spoon spices
4 large onions fried to dry
10 cloves of garlic}
10 cloves of onions} grind
50 gm ginger}
5 cloves of cloves] coarse spice
5-6 door flowers] fried without
5-6 servicemen] oil and
2 cinnamon sticks] finely chopped
1 dried nutmeg.]
4 mint leaves}
4 leaf stems}
4 onion stems}
4 sticks of green chili  - grated
3 pieces of fruit tomatoes - chopped
3 spoon tomato puree
100 gm of raisins
150 gm of cashew - fried
1/2 can of milk milk
2 thin lime seeds (this lime is squeezed on the milk to make it into milk)
Salt to taste
1 cup Mazalo Oil and 3 tablespoons of beef oil to fry the onion, then the cashews and finally fry the spice mixed with the crushed spices.

• Cut meat not too small (about 4-5 inches) Add onion, garlic, and ginger, mint leaves, celery leaves, onion, green chilli, fruit tomatoes, tomato puree, raisins, salt and mix together and marinate in 1 hour.
• Then add the fried spices along with the oil once, fried onions and corn. Let on fire until the meat is tender.
• Insert liquid and let it sit on low heat. When it is cooked enough, the oil will rise and take the oil for a pan of Biriyani rice.

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