Tuesday, October 22, 2019



1 pack of yellow noodles - dip

Vegetable Ingredients:
50 cents Taugeh - a piece
A few leaves of soup - thinly sliced
Some leeks - thinly sliced
fried onions
4 pieces of fried tofu and thinly sliced.
5 green chile seeds - thinly sliced
Pepper thin / musky - on both sides
Double boiled eggs

Ingredients Ingredients:
A little oil to fry
4 tablespoons dried chilli powder
3 red onions - grated
3 tablespoons crushed ginger
4 lemongrass shreds smooth
2 garlic seeds - grated
RM 3 dried shrimp - grind - more delicious.
300gm live shrimp - boiled and finely ground
1 kg red sweet potato - boiled and finely blender
3 tablespoons sugar or to taste
salt to taste
A little bit of engine
4 tablespoons tomato sauce
Water - just a little bit

Cooking method:
• Saute onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chilli and dried shrimp until oil-rich and fragrant.
• Add shredded shrimp and boiled water once.
• Insert a preheated grinder and add enough water. salt, sugar, gravy, tomato sauce.
• Let it boil and be ready to serve and eat .....

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