Monday, October 21, 2019

Malacca Asam Pedas


crabs / shrimp / blooms / stingrays /
7/8 clove onion
2 cloves of garlic
as big as a belacan's toes
live turmeric as big as a thumb (can also use turmeric powder)
branched water
shredded chilli (can be grilled evenly)
2 tablespoons garlic (fried coconut)
a little bit
a little ginger (about half a thumb) - a little gravy and fish.
salt to taste

Cooking method:
• The turmeric is alive and white is pounded.
• Then add red bhg .. half-moss paste ... add crushed bell peppers too.
• Heat a pan and oil to fry.
• Once hot oil is added to the halba (about 4/5 grains) it can not be too bitter.
• Put in the red onion, white, bell pepper, turmeric, whipped cream.
• Add chopped chillies (7/8 tablespoon concentrate to the chillies of the machine) stirring well until well mixed.
• Bake over medium heat until crisp (like a sambal) or chilli changes to a little red.
• Once dried, add the sour water. Add regular water to see if the gravy is plentiful / suitable for fish.
• Stir in let the sauté ingredients be just the sauce.
• Add fish. Then add ginger that has been pounded (do not crush it) or finely sliced.
• Boil the broth ... add salt and seasonings.

• Acidic cooking is actually an acidic taste (the sauce is spicy) with a spicy flavor. It should be fresh.
• Use a machete next time use another fish ... taste the difference you will know .... The peppers and onions should be dry (do not get too warm) if not tasty ...

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