Thursday, October 10, 2019

Muar Mee bandung

1 kg is yellow
10 dried chilli stems (remove seeds and boil, stir)
1 garlic clove (knocked out)
5 onions
½ cup dried shrimp, boiled with a cup of water (alternatively usable squid, boil well, this is the Tanjung Agas Mee Mee style, Muar)
½ cup shrimp alive
1 cup boiled meat (thinly sliced)
Sawi (preferred syrup, budget cut 1 inch)
Cabbage (symmetry, rough cut)
¾ - 1 cup sugar
3 - 4 cups boiled water
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
Chicken eggs (by number of servings)
Salt to taste
Oil to sauté
Other enhancements e.g. chicken meat, fishballs, squid, cabbage flowers, boiled hearts can be included according to individual preference.
Celery leaves & green onions, if desired (sliced)

The original noodle noodles do not contain any sour taste, so do not include tomato puree / tomato sauce / chili sauce / jasmine. This will ruin the authenticity of the taste. Many people are good at modifying Muar band by adding sour ingredients. That's the spoil.

Cooking method:
• Blend dried chilli, dried shrimp & boiled water, sugar, garlic & garlic.
• Spread some oil in a pan
• Saute the grated ingredients. Don't let it dry
• Add oyster sauce
• Add shrimp, boiled meat (and ingredient # 15 if available).
• Add mustard and boiled water to meat and salt. Let it thicken

For serving (These noodles do not cook well in bulk, so do "mix" the plates.)
• Take some gravy (and make it for one person to eat)
• Heat the gravy and put in one egg, half hard.
• Add the vegetables and when they are tender, add the yellow noodles for one meal
• Put in a greased bowl, lay eggs on top, sprinkle with soup & onion, if desired.
• Serve.

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